Saturday, June 04, 2011

From an internet cafe near the Sorbonne

The Wandering Watki arrived in Paris via Eurostar on Thursday evening.  We've enjoyed touring about town with the Henrys for the past few days.  We did an incredible amount of walking on our arrival day, seeing the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomph, the Oblisk, The Louvre, the Grand and Petite Palaces, etc.  Dinner that night found us at a Creperie in the 7th district.  After dinner we walked down Rue Cler and scored our dessert crepes there.  Emma had chocolate, while Wade, Caroline and I each ate banana and sugar, and Glen went for the strawberry variety.  Last night while the Henrys went up the Eiffel Tower, Wade, Emma and I sat in the grass out front and watched the lights blinking on the hour.  We enjoyed reminiscing about times we've spent their together in the past.  We've marvelled at how late we've stayed out in the night here, since at home when we get together and it gets past nine we start getting ready to head home.  The past two nights have found us out past midnight.  Needless to say, our breakfasts have been coming later in the mornings than usual as well.  Right now the Henrys are exploring the Louvre and we've plopped ourselves down in an internet cafe, following a pannini in the park.  We plan to travel up to the Montmarte district next and take the Henrys to the Sacre Coeur.  Tomorrow morning they leave for the States & we plan to head to Antwerp, Belgium for a couple of days before the Caytons arrive.  Emma hasn't been back to Antwerp since she's old enough to remember it, so Wade and I are looking forward to the possibility of reintroducing her to the city.  Some of  you may not know we used to live there while Wade was in graduate school. However, we're also toying with the idea of a couple of "down days" here in Paris as we've been on the go fairly consistently for about a week now.  It's nice to have the flexibility to choose!


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